Business DVD Solutions

Digital Media Solutions offers a variety of customized services for businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, museums, and law enforcement agencies. The transfer and re-mastering processes are the same as those used for our Personal Services packages.

We will digitally re-master your videotapes, photographs, digital photos, film, and important documents to high quality, long lasting DVD ensuring the longevity of your records and providing you easy access and retrieval.

Quality and flexibility, combined with the increasing availability of low cost players, make DVDs the ideal medium for any public or private organization that needs to preserve its information or share it with its employees and customers.

  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4
  • Quicktime
  • AVI
  • RealVideo
  • DIVX…

With all the different video formats available today, you need a solutions provider who fully understands CD-ROM based video and who can make it work for you. No matter what the format of your original source, Digital Media Solutions can deliver top quality video encoding specifically tailored to suit the exact needs of your project.

If you need additional services, our experienced Multimedia team can create professional looking video-only CD-ROMs, complete with custom frames, control buttons, and weblinks, giving your final product a polished look . Video can also be integrated into larger projects, enhancing the presentation while offering new opportunities in terms of content.

Our design department is obsessed with the digital medium. They blend technology and creativity to produce results that are relevant, visually striking and results-driven. They are experts in practically every digital and analog communications platform.

DVD is a highly portable, cross platform medium, ideal for presenting broadcast quality content in a viewer-controlled manner. The Corporate DVD package is ideally suited for businesses that need to demonstrate proof of concepts offline, present content in a non-linear format, or enhance sales presentations with high quality audio and visuals. Digital Media Solutions will help you enhance your corporate communications by leveraging your existing digital and video assets for use with DVD.

Deliver Interactive Content

The DVD Menu system allows for interactive content from basic intro menus, subtitles, and instant chapter access to complex content indexes, narrated slide shows, and on-screen quizzes. Combining design and authoring expertise, Digital Media Solutions specializes in presentations that entertain while remaining easy to navigate.

Here are some areas where Digital Media Solutions can help you.

Sales Presentations
Product Catalogues
Product Demos
Trade Show Demos
Product Training
Employee Training
Point of Sales Displays
Promotional DVDs
Corporate Events
Product Focus Groups
Legal Depositions
Fund Raisers
DVD Powerpoint Presentations